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We offer FREE premium white glove delivery service to our customers. Our competition charges hundreds of dollars for this level of service.

 (within our free delivery zone, $800 minimum order).

▪ We are not a moving company. We offer moving or disposal of what we’re replacing- one for one.

▪ Moving your furniture is at the discretion of our delivery team. Should they have concerns for their safety or potential damage to your home, they may deny service.

▪ We do not hang pictures or accessories nor do we dispose of unrelated items.

▪ We dispose of all boxes and packaging.

▪ Requests for relocation or disposal must be made prior to delivery. This is not part of your free delivery service. Fees apply


It is your responsibility to have your home ready and rooms cleared for delivery and placement of your new furniture before our arrival. This will assure the safety of our delivery team and a damage free delivery of your products.

Clear the way. Make sure driveways, steps and entrances are free of snow, ice or obstacles.

Spaces should be cleared and ready for placement  of all new furniture you are expecting.

Keep pets and people at a safe distance for the delivery team.

Keep pets and people at a safe distance from the delivery team when they are working.

Passages and rooms must to be free of obstructions including wall hangings where passage is tight.

No bedding, clothing, electronics or any extraneous  items should be in or on furniture to be moved.


We realize some aspects of prepping for delivery can be difficult for some customers so we offer additional services for customers to help the process for a fee.

Services Include relocation and/or disposal of items being replaced. If you have items that need to be moved or disposed of ask us for a fee schedule and make any requests prior to delivery. 


-RELOCATE in home to new room - $30/Piece

-DISPOSAL - $25/Seat

Sofa Beds

-RELOCATE in home to new room - $40/Piece

-DISPOSAL - $30/Seat

Mattresses (mattress & box spring = 2 pieces)

-RELOCATE in home $15/Piece

-RECYCLING $25/Piece (soiled mattresses must be bagged or wrapped in advance of disposal)

Beds (per piece rate)

(individual pieces include headboard, footboard, rails, metal bed frame) 


-RELOCATE in home to new room $10/piece

-DISPOSAL $15/piece

Power Bed Base

-RELOCATE in home to new room $40


Dining Table & Chairs

-RELOCATE in home to new room - $5/Piece

-DISPOSAL - $10/Piece

Cabinets/TV Stands/Chests/Dressers

-RELOCATE in home to new room - $30/Piece

-DISPOSAL - $50/Piece

Night Stand/End Table/Coffee Table

-RELOCATE in home to other room - $10/Piece

-DISPOSAL - $20/Piece